Fast and professional!

I provide the following services:

1. Translation services from Russian, German, and English

My primary subject areas are:

- Economics: including project management, human resources, contracts, certification, waste management, business correspondence;

- Technology: emphasizing information technology, mechanical engineering, plastics, and swimming pool equipment;

- Medical equipment, including dental devices;

- Certified translation (Russian/German) for private persons. I can translate your birth and marriage certificates, school certificates, driver's licences, diplomas, certifications, and so on.

I use the standard line (55 keystrokes incl. spaces) of the translated text to calculate my rates while taking into consideration the complexity of the original text. Please note that a surcharge will be added for texts in fax form or urgent orders. Generally, any additional layout work will be charged on an hourly basis. For more information, see my General Terms and Conditions (in German). Translations can be delivered in all common formats (also as HTML files).

2. Editing and proofreading of Russian texts

Quality, reliability, and meeting your deadlines are my top priorities.